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MJX (NY/NJ/PA / International)

MJX (Founder of MJXpressions, Producer, Tribute Artist) has always been involved in the creative and visual processes, both personally and professionally. Before becoming a Michael Jackson tribute artist, MJX was a Creative Director for design companies in NYC and NJ, enjoying professional relationships with companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers.

As a small child, MJX was a huge Michael Jackson fan and, ever since, has meticulously studied Michaels music, dancing, voice and love of sharing his artistic gift. One of MJX's most treasured memories was seeing Michael Jackson live with his brothers in their Victory Tour concert.

As a solo tribute artist and with back-up dancers, MJX has performed with live bands at premier nightclubs in NYC and NJ., as well as hundreds of private and corporate events around the country. MJX re-opened NYC's world famous Culture Club press event with Debbie Gibson and has been featured on ABC Morning show, TLC's Four Weddings, BravoTvs' Real Housewives of New Jersey, VHI's Love and Hip Hop and MTV's IGGY Awards. MJX has been cast as Michael in Sony's Worldview music video and an independent film KOPK, soon to be released. He is also advertised on www.michaeljacksoncelebrityclothing.com as an official model for authentic Michael Jackson costumes.

In past performances, MJX headlined the 2011 New Years Eve Fire and Ice Spectacular in Anchorage, Alaska and performed at Citi Field in NY at an Enterprise Corporate Event.

MJX proudly performed at the 2012 Bermuda Nights in the Park Summer Concert sponsored by the Bermuda Department of Tourism. In March of 2013 he was honored to appear on ABC's Morning Show to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Moonwalk performed by Michael Jackson on ABC. In October, 2013 MJX helped launch the new MTV's Artists app  for iPhone. That same month, MJX and crew were thrilled to join SyFy's  Ghost Hunters International  for an exclusive celebrity benefit event.

MJX's goal is to embody a positive portrayal of Michael Jackson's image. He has declined several TV crime documentary roles and controversial celebrity events that would potentially highlight an unsavory representation of The King of Pop.

MJXpressions is proud to be a Certified Provider of NJ's  DDD Real Life Choices, a state program that offers financial support to individuals with developmental disabilities. MJX is a highly qualified, caring person who provides Michael Jackson dance instruction to children and adults and accredited dance workshops for Special Needs Individuals.

MJX: "As the founder of MJXPRESSIONS, I have one mission:  To honor Michael Jackson by keeping his spirit alive through events that share his music and choreography; and by always following in Michael's efforts in humanitarianism."

Tray Jackson (New York / Tri-state)

Tray has been performing as an Michael Jackson impersonator since the age of 14.

He has an uncanny ability to make you feel as though you are watching the King of Pop alive right in front of you.  Tray strives to perfect his moves to be as authentic as possible and has received high acclaim from both audiences and professionals.

Tray Jackson's goal is to keep the positive memory of Michael Jackson alive through his dance tribute. Tray has performed to many sold out audiences across the USA.

He was voted  Impersonator of the year  by Philadelphia Entertainment Weekly Digest in 2009.  Tray recently opened  for Powerhouse and JAY-Z's  The Holy Grail Tour.

Look out world?.. Tray Jackson is an MJ force to reckon with!

Pete C (New Jersey / Tri-state)

Pete C, born and raised in New Jersey, loved Michael Jackson ever since he was a little kid. At just 8 years old, Pete would dance along with his idol on the TV screen as his mother sewed replica Jackson costumes fitted just for him.

For the past 12 years, Pete has been professionally impersonating the King of Pop for audiences across the country. 

In April of 2009, Pete got to spend time with Michael Jackson, shortly before his death.  He asked Michael to autograph his back in Sharpie marker; and then had it permanently tattooed on later that night. A one of a kind indelible reminder of a true legend that will stay with Pete for his entire life.

In July of 2009, Pete attended Mr.Jackson's memorial service at the Staples Center.  He left behind a promise to Michael to do everything he can to keep his legacy alive for years to come!

Mick Jackson (Philadelphia / Tri-state)

Mick is frequently called Michael's twin because of his striking resemblance to the Gloved One. Mick's facial and physical likeness is so close in certain features that, like Michael, he is literally swallowed up whenever in public byoverly zealous fans.

But, the likeness of Mick to Michael becomes even more wondrous when other similarities are examined. He stands 5'9" and weighs 135 lbs. It is "Mick" who makes his likeness real magic.

His stage presence also comes naturally as he performs to Michael's songs with an agility that is astonishing, if not unbelievable, he is electric!  He releases a barrage of energy that is first mesmerizing and then almost exhausting for the audience to follow. His gestures, style, and routines are Michael, but the talent is Mickey's. Talent is why Mick won Evening Magazine's Michael Jackson Look-alike contest. Ironically, he was the last of 14 contestants to enter the competition, but chalked up over 74% of the votes from viewers who believed he  best epitomized the look, style, and brilliance of Michael Jackson. The host of the show even found Mick to possess the same aura, shyness, and quiet mannerisms Michael.

While Diana Ross appeared in the Philadelphia area at the 'Valley Forge Music Fair,' Mick was able to catch the eye of the famed performer. Ms. Ross marveled at Mickey's likeness to Michael. Winning the televised contest had brought enormous exposure and demand for Mick who says, "I've been compared to Michael ever since my childhood. I consider myself an extension of Michael, who was the greatest entertainer ever. He makes a lot of people happy and I enjoy doing the same thing. There are so many people who didn't get the opportunity to see Michael, so I'm put here on earth to give them the next best thing," says Mick.

Mick was given rights to perform in New York City performing live for Michael Jackson Day USA; while he and his brothers performed at Madison Square Garden. Mick was called by rapper Redman to be in his new video,'Lookin Fly.' He's met NeYo while in New York and was asked to come back stage. Mick had the opportunity to work with Michael's bodyguard Scott Cummings. And was a guest at 'Ritz' for Regina Kings TV show premiere called, 'Southland.' He was called by Blockbusters' manager to appear as a special guest for the premiere of Michael's movie  This is It.  

Mick  was also a special guest for the Philadelphia Eagles' wives and a special guest at the outstanding 'UniverSol Circus'. He recently opened a show for Cuba Gooding and many others artists. He has travelled extensively throughout the States performing his 'Remember the Time Show' a 'Tribute to the King of Pop' Michael Jackson; which keeps him very busy performing for people of all ages. You won't believe your eyes.  Once you see Mick sing and dance all of Michael Jackson's hits, you want to see him again and again!

Jeffrey P (Phoenix AZ / International):

Jeffrey is one of the best and most exciting Michael Jackson tribute artists to take center stage.

Music has always been a big part of Jeffrey's life, and he's not just any performer but indeed a special one. At the age of 1 he began to bounce to the beat of Michael Jackson's Bad Album and began to mimic the iconic legend. At the age of 3 he became obsessed with the entertainer and started to structure his career mastering Michael's sound, body language and look. Today he has become a hit tribute performer across the United States.

Aside from his work with INVINCIBLE, Jeffrey is preparing to perform as one of the stars in the upcoming international world tour The Legend Continues. In his spare time he currently coaches a team for Arizona Thunder All-Stars in Peoria, Arizona.

There are many other Michael Jackson tribute artists, some have a remarkable resemblance and others can dance or even sing like the King Of Pop, Jeffrey does it all and artistically portrays Michael Jackson like no one else can.

Michael F. (Las Vegas / International)

Michael was born in Rome, NY. Music played a large part in Michael's life, and no artist more so than Michael Jackson. Michael learned to imitate every move and vocal vibration of the icon. He performed Jackson's songs in shows throughout his adolescence. Once Michael Firestone became an adult, he moved to Las Vegas and began a career impersonating the 'King of Pop.'

Prior to Michael Jackson's untimely death, Michael Firestone had performed as a Michael Jackson tribute artist in live shows such as 'MTV Magic' and 'Around the World' in Asia. He also performed for 'Legends in Concert' in Myrtle Beach, 'LaCage' and 'Masquerade' in Atlantic City. Michael Firestone also did guest appearances on 'Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular' and the Asian variety show 'The Bon Show.'

Since Michael Jackson's tragic passing, Michael Firestone has become one of the most respected and sought after Michael Jackson tribute artists in the USA performing several memorial shows at Harrah's Carnival Court in Las Vegas; full out tributes at the Harrah's Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN; The Paragon Casino in Marksville, LA; The Temple Theater in Meridian, MS; two weeks at the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA; Hooters Casino in Las Vegas; and several corporate events.

He has been chosen as one of two official Michael Jackson impersonators for the Michael Jackson Laser Spectacular shows in theaters and casinos all over the USA and Canada, including the Tacoma Dome.

Darrin M. Ross: Director (Ross Live Entertainment)

Darrin (Director, Producer, Composer, Lighting, Sound, and Video Designer and Engineer) has been producing and engineering songs since 1984 with Jam On Productions.

He has recently been commissioned as a USA cultural Ambassador sponsored by The US State Department and the Brooklyn Academy of Music with tours traveling to Russia, Belarus and The Ukraine. He is also the recipient of a 2001 New York Dance & Performance Award (BESSIE) for his music composition for Rome & Jewels. Rome and Jewels also won a Lawrence Olivier award, An Alvin Ailey award , Cal Arts award and numerous other awards.

In 1990, Ross produced segments for "Dance Party USA" and "1 House Street". In 1992, he formed I.Q. Records and is now directing his own production company, Kitinay. In 1997, Mr. Ross received Philly's Street Buzz "Producer Of The Year" award. In 1999, Ross became Executive Director of Rennie Harris Puremovement. His strong leadership skills and direction earned him induction into Who's Who in America in 2003.

Mr. Ross has worked with and established many artists in the industry such as, Voices Of Theory, PM Dawn, Newcleus, Aphillyation, The legendary Tuff Crew, Doug E. Fresh, King Britt, ZHANE, Helen Bruner, Jungle Brothers, Kim Waters, Todd Terry, The Roots, Bahamadia, Dee Dee Sharp Gamble, No Question, AZ YET, Victor Duplaix, Beanie Siegal, Rampage, Brother Peace, Freeway, Grisha Coleman, Leon Evans, Mike Knox, Doug Grisby and more.

Some of the theater works he has worked on and with include INVINCIBLE: A Glorious tribute to Michael Jackson, Rennie Harris Heaven, Prince Scarecrows Road to The Emerald City,100 Naked Locks, Suzan Lori Parks Top Dog UnderDog, BREAK THE URBAN FUNK SPECTACULAR, CHAMPIONS OF THE DANCE, Dance Africa, Rha Goddess Low, Reebock Human Rights Awards, Carmina Burana,The Legends Of Hip Hop Dance, PRIDE The Ultimate Tribute show, Fallen Crumbs From the Cake, Hip Hop Bejing 2008, Spoleto Festival, Caribbean Festival Philadelphia 2013, Cool Heat Urban Beat, The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Memphis Ballet, The Colorado Ballet, Hot Mouth, Facing Mekka, Maurice Hines Hot Feet, University of the Arts at the Merriam, Carols in Color, Alvin Ailey's Love Stories and Reminscin ballets, The musical score for Alvin Ailey's Beyond The Steps Documentary, Illstyle AND Peace Productions Same Spirit Different Movement Part 1,Impozzible Izzpossible, Philadanco's The Philadelphia Experiment, King Michael A Glorious Tribute to the King Of Pop, Mystic India, Butterscotch and Friends, Rennie Harris RHAW, Philadanco's Wake Up, Love American Style and numerous other dance theatre works.

Ross is also President of RossLive Entertainment


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